Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions About asus drivers

1 AMD SB950 driver doesn’t support RAID mode with AFT SSD

Duo to the limitation of AMD driver, AMD SB950 chipset models don’t support RAID mode with AFT SSD. The feedback has reported to AMD, please retry when the driver updated by AMD.


2 [Motherboard] Where can we download the driver of Sonic Radar?

The driver of Sonic Radar is included in the Audio driver. When you install audio driver, Sonic Radar will be automatically installed if your product supports this function.

3 After upgrading to Windows 10 – How to operate “Windows Update”?

You can update Windows 10 and install the latest individuals via “Windows Update”.

Note¡êoIt is not allowed to disarm “Windows Update”.
1. Click [Setting].
Choose [Update& security].
3. Select [Windows Update] then
press [Check for updates].
4. Click [Download]
to fit the latest driver.